Who's Afraid of...The Big Bad Fox

Who's Afraid of...The Big Bad Fox.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Intermediate
Author: Benjamin Renner
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781626723313
Pages: 187

Fox digs a hole under the farm fence and is greeting by many of the animals as he stomps up to the chicken coup. But, once again, even his most ferocious growls are completely ignored by the chickens. And when he tries to negotiate just one bite...he gets beaten and chased off the farm by a particularly angry hen. Back in the forest, Wolf suggests Fox steal eggs, wait for the chicks to hatch and then eat them. When the chicks hatch Wolf tells Fox he should wait for them to get bigger, but Fox gets attached and can't eat them. Fox has to take the chicks back to the farm, disguised as their mother hen, to keep them safe from Wolf. His disguise inevitably fails, but Fox and the chicks, reunited with their real mother, and live happily together on the farm.

This beautifully whimsical and expressive watercolor and ink graphic novel is truly outstanding. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and the banter and irony in the dialogue are hilarious. All of the pictures, throughout the book, are in full color with the exception of nighttime illustrations which are done in grey watercolored tones. Most of the humor in the book is ironic with killer chickens and wimpy foxes. The baby chicks even get scared when Fox tells them a story about the 'Big Bad Fox' and have to sleep in bed with him. The book is chock full of it. It is a quick read and most pages are six illustrations with one or two dialogue boxes. Overall, highly enjoyable and well crafted.