Windy City Magic #1: The Best Kind of Magic

Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Young Adult
Author: Crystal Cestari
Publisher: Hyperion
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781484752722
Pages: 328

Amber is not a witch but a matchmaker. Her famous family bloodline somehow skipped a generation and left her with no magical powers except for her matchmaking abilities. Her life is fairly normal outside of working at Windy City Magic, her mother's magic shop. One day, Charlie, the mayor's son, comes asking for her help. His dad's fiancé has gone missing, but Charlie actually wants Amber's help keeping his dad's fiancé from his father. Through a series of investigations, Amber starts to fall for Charlie, but she is torn since her ability allows her to see Charlie's perfect match, and it isn't her. However, Charlie wants to be with Amber no matter who she sees. Through some travels into the supernatural culture, they come to learn that the missing fiancé is a leprechaun after the mayor's wealth. And then Charlie's match shows up in Amber's class as a new transfer student, leading into the promised sequel.

The Best Kind of Magic by Crystal Cestari is a new novel about modern witchcraft. This book is extremely well written and thought out. While the story deals with the supernatural, Cestari makes her world believable. Magic is only sort of accepted, but not well known. Charlie, who knows that Amber's mom was a witch, doesn't realize that vampires, trolls, and goblins are all real. The story deals with a general theme of love and how to find it. Cestari handles this well by focusing on multiple stories of love. She also realizes that her characters are teenagers and have other worries besides finding a boyfriend, but traditional of a standard teenage girl, they do talk about it frequently. Cestari writes a convincing story about finding love and finding yourself. Amber comes to accept herself as a matchmaker, despite being ostracized by the witches of her mother's coven and other members of the magical community. Amber realizes her limitations, but also the extent of her abilities and the benefits of helping people find their match.

*Contains mild language.