WINNIE: The True Story of the Bear Who Inspired Winnie-the-Pooh

Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Preschool, Primary
Author: Sally M. Walker
Illustrator: Jonathan D. Voss
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9780805097153
Pages: 27

A bear cub is the last thing Harry the veterinarian expects to see out the train window on his way to war. When he finds out the cub is for sale, he takes Winnie as his own and she becomes the camp mascot. Although Winnie spends her nights sleeping under Harry's cot, her days are filled with making friends and playing games. In time Harry is transferred, and Winnie goes to live in the London Zoo. In her new home the black bear makes new friends with both bears and children. Winnie is so well behaved children are allowed to ride on and play with her. One day a boy named Christopher Robin visits and feeds Winnie. Robin falls in love and that night tells his father his teddy bear has a new name: Winnie-the-Pooh.

Winnie is a beautifully compiled hardback book. Its detailed watercolor illustrations match perfectly the WWI time setting. Not only is the true story presented in a way that appeals to children, adults may learn something from exploring the book as well. The book includes a note from the author, giving further history into A. A. Milne and Winnie-the-Pooh, as well as archived photographs of the the White River Train Station, Harry, Winnie, the Veterinary Corps, A.A. Milne, and Christopher Robin with Winnie at the London Zoo. Winnie would be an inspiring and delightful addition to any collection.