Would I Trade My Parents?

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Primary
Author: Laura Numeroff
Illustrator: James Bernardin
Publisher: Abrahms Books for Young Readers
Year: 2009
ISBN: 9780810906372
Pages: 32

Did you ever wish that your friend’s parents were yours? Peek into the mind of a young boy who has had that thought. Katie’s mom drives a cool convertible. Ben’s dad takes their family camping. Sydney’s mom is really good at doing hair. William’s parents are divorced, but his dad takes him to baseball games and his mom owns a pet shop. Even though his friends' parents sound cool, this young boy would miss his own great and loving parents. 

The illustrations in Would I Trade My Parents? were made with acrylic paints and a digital paint program. The illustrations are pretty realistic, especially of the people. This story is told from a young boy’s perspective and he is featured with each family he speaks of as he imagines what it would be like to have those particular parents. This book will help children appreciate the parents they have and remember that every family is different.