Would You Rather?

App Information
Rating: Excellent
Interest Level: Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult
Devices Used: Samsung Galaxy On5
Platforms Available: Android
Developer: Marco Studios
Version/Update: 9.1.5
Category: Games

This app is built on the popular game of the same name in which a person is asked choose between two options what they would rather be, do, have, etc. One choice is presented with a red background on the top half of the screen and the other choice is presented with a blue background on the bottom half of the screen. An ad runs along the bottom of the screen (a popup ad also appears after a certain number of rounds). There’s no menu; the app simply opens to a random question. A player selects the answer by tapping on the choice, after which a percentage is displayed for each answer, which represents the real-time statistics of how many people have chosen each answer. With another tap on the screen, the next question appears and the process repeats itself for as long as the player desires. With hundreds of these questions, it’s likely that users can play for a very long time without running into duplicates.

The simplicity of this app doesn’t detract from its entertainment value. The questions are very well considered, understandably written, and encourage users to really think about their answers. Though this could be played by just one person, it is probably most effective and entertaining when played with two or more, during which they can compare answers and discuss the benefits of one over the other. Groups of friends would likely enjoy this, and it can also be a thought-provoking, fun bonding exercise for family members to play together as well. Unlike some versions of this game which easily slip into asking inappropriate questions, this version is completely family friendly with no dirty or questionable content. Of course, people can certainly play this game without the app by thinking of their own questions, but if you’re interested in skipping that step, this app will give you plenty of excellent questions to consider for this game.