Zoom In on Science Concepts: Living and Nonliving

Zoom in on Science - Living, Non-living.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Preschool
Author: Andrea Rivera
Publisher: Abdo Zoom
Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781532120534
Pages: 24

Living and Nonliving is a great book to introduce the concept that somethings (even inanimate objects) can be living things. Things that have never been alive are nonliving. They are things like rocks and sand. Living things are or have been alive. Things like plants and animals are living things. Living things all need energy, reproduce, grow and breathe.

This book is great for beginning to talk about different types of materials or life. There are photographs on every page to illustrate all of the ideas. The author includes clarification on things that could confuse kids, like how something being about to move doesn't make it alive, and that some things which can't move are also alive. She discusses the attributes of fire, which isn't alive despite having three of the four attributes required for life. Overall, this is a solid introduction with simple ideas and text with helpful and interesting images.